BTRDA® Gold Star® Champions

2013 Championship Rules

Added: 12th December 2012

Below are the championship rules for 2013.

Your attention is brought to rule 1.8.7 - a new rule to encourage support of organising clubs and secure the long term future of our events and sport. This follows the footsteps of NPTCC and Northern Ireland who have a similar rule in their championships. 

A competitor in the Gold & Silver Star Categories must have started a minimum of four trials, and have officiated at a qualifying round to be eligible to be invited to the championship final. Officiating is defined as been an event named official or non-competing marshal which will carry twenty five championship points, and must be claimed by the
championship registrant with the championship secretary within three weeks of the qualifying round. 
The fourth page covers the dates of all the events. Numerous events have changed dates, and a new one introduced following the loss of two Peterborough Motor Club trials.
London Car Club's Gloucester is currently listed as Julian Fack is looking at ways to maintain this event that brought about the forming of BTDA which then became BTRDA. This trial dating back to 1904. 
Stroud Motor club have been introduced which Duncan Stephens will be clerking, using their vast experience of Car Trials and Classic Trials.