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Added: 27th February 2012

The Clubmans Rallycross Championship 2012


We can finally announce that this year’s championship will be a joint venture between MDA and BTRDA to bring you the best of Clubmans Rallycross, with support from Edwards Bros, Autosport International, and Lucas Oils.


With the late withdrawal of Blyton Raceway from the rallycross scene, our choice of available circuits was very limited, to the point of being unable to offer a worthwhile package of our own making, and we can now tell you that our Championship will comprise 7 events, 4 being run on the same programme as the British Rallycross Championship, 2 being back to back events in Northern Ireland, and 1 event being run at Lydden Hill by MDA. It is likely that 6 scores will count towards the championship.


The dates;-         Round 1. Saturday 24th March at Lydden Hill (BRC)

                                Round 2. Saturday 12th May at Knockhill (BRC)

                                Round 3. Sunday 3rd June at Nutts Corner

                                Round 4. Monday 4th June at Nutts Corner

                                Round 5. Sunday 22nd July at Mallory Park (BRC)

                                Round 6. Saturday 4th August at Lydden Hill

                                Round 7. Saturday 7th October at Pembrey (BRC)


The event entry fees for the rounds at the BRC rounds will be £215-00, and for the MDA round at Lydden Hill will be of the order of £200-00. An inclusive package is being arranged for the two rounds at Nutts Corner, to include the ferry from Stranraer, in the order of £600-00.


The championship registration fee will be £55-00, including membership of both MDA (www.mini-cross.co.uk) and BTRDA (www.btrda.com), and payment can be made to either club, who will then arrange for membership/championship registration cards to be issued for each club.


The classes will include Supermodified with capacity sub-divisions, Stock Hatch with sub-divisions, BMW Minis, and Classic Minicross. The Stock Hatch class will be limited to cars that were in production after 1st January 1995.


Championship regulations and entry forms will be posted on both club’s websites very, very shortly, and we hope that you will all be able enter and support the championship for a very successful year.


Rod Stanniland (MDA) and Mike Sones (BTRDA)     21st February 2012.