BTRDA® Gold Star® Champions

Club country

Added: 20th June 2007


The BTRDA Clubmans Rallycross Championship will once again support the BRC in 2010. Appearing at the BRC’s seven mainland events, the BTRDA competitors trade the trip to Mondello Park for an event at Blyton.

The BTRDA series also has an anniversary to celebrate this year, the championship first run 30 years ago in 1977 when Trevor Reeves was the young up and coming driver who topped the order. The championship has always been aimed at the clubman, although the definition of this competitor has changed several times down the years. Today the championship is not open to Supercars, but caters for all other classes and for drivers of up to four-star status. 
BTRDA Championship roll of honour 1977 – 2009



1977    Trevor Reeves
1978    Barry Lee
1979     Bruce Rushton
1980     Bruce Rushton
1981     not presented
1982     Barry Squibb
1983     Mark Lloyd
1984     not presented
1985     Bill Skermer
1986     Bill Skermer
1987     Ian Forster Beck
1988     Garry Smith
1989     Peter Rucroft
1990     Dave Knowles
1991     Richard Sykes
1992     John Haffey
1993     Mark Proctor
1994     Richard Watts
1995     Mike Mantel
1996     Mike Turpin
1997     John Haffey
1998     Mike Turpin
1999     Dave Ward
2000     Norman Beggs
2001     Dave Ward
2002     Gordon Rogers
2003     Chris Cake
2004     Matt Roach
2005     Rodney Green
2006     Steve Heppenstall


2007 Ash Simpson
2008 Ric Horton
2009 Darren Clarke