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Stockhatch, an insight

Added: 12th March 2012

John Rook: My Season. A film by Sam Barfoot from Sam Barfoot on Vimeo.

 The BTRDA Clubmans Rallycross Championship in association with Autosport International and Lucas Oils is the place to start if anyone is looking to compete in the sport.

With a variety of class structure available the one most people choose to enter the sport and most definitely the cheapest is Stockhatch

This class is made up from standard production cars with limited modifications and is split in 3 engine capacities, 1600 16v, 1600 8v and 1.5td.

The cost of getting a car on the track varies from £1500- £4000 depending on what spec and if building from scratch. General running cost for the season which are made up of entry fee's, travelling costs and tyres, will cost between £2500-£5000 for a full season, depending on damage and repairs.

Events are held all over the Uk, covering Scotland, Wales, Kent, Leicestershire and Northern England. The events gain from extensive media and internet coverage and definitely have a friendly but competitive nature about them]

Anyone looking to get into the sport can contact one of the organisers or if you require more details on car build, spec and costs, please contact me on:

Watch the video and enjoy!

jrrallyx726@yahoo.co.uk or 07581 467465


John Rook