BTRDA® Gold Star® Champions


BTRDA Motorsports Future Group is made up of some of the country's top young, passionate and fun motorsport competitors, covering Rallying, Sporting Trials, Autotests, Autosolos, Car Trials and Rallycross. The purpose of the group is two fold, firstly to assist the main BTRDA Council in the future direction of British motorsport and secondly to encourage new competitors into every discipline of motorsport that BTRDA supports and into local car clubs all over the UK.

Currently the Motorsports Future Group is focusing on highlighting the entry levels of motorsport, and how accessible it is both financially and logistically to a large number of people. For detailed explanations of the skills required for each of the below sports then please see the relevant page on this website.

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Minimum Ages for each BTRDA Discipline:

  • Autosolos
    • Age 16
    • Typical entry £25 to £30
  • Autotests
    • Age 16 (only Saloon cars under 1400c) else 17
    • Typical entry fee £25
  • Car Trials
    • Driver - age 14 (with Road licenced passenger)
    • Passenger - age 12
    • Typical Entry - £25
  • Sporting Trials
    • Driver - age 16 (with Road licenced passenger)
    • Passenger - age 14
    • Typical entry £35
  • Rallying
    • Driving- age 17 with Road Licence
    • CoDriver - age 16
    • Typical entry £400
  • RallyCross
    • Driving - age 14 - 16 (Junior Minicross only, else 16)
    • Typical entry £25
  • PCA (Production Car Autotest)
    • Driving - age 14 (up to 1400cc saloon car with fully road licenced passenger)
    • Typical entry £25

If you are interested in taking part in an event then please contact Motorsports Future members through our contact page and all of the assistance and support you need will be given to help you into your chosen sport!


Under 17 Car Club: http://www.under17-carclub.co.uk/