BTRDA® Gold Star® Champions

Basil Elkington Trial

Date: 19th March 2017

Rupert North opened his season with an emphatic win at the Basil Elkington Car Trial in Kent after a long trip from Yorkshire, having being beaten last year by fellow local Mini driver Ray Lane (who this year finished ninth overall). Nigel Weeks just managed to squeeze round a tight four post to take an early lead in the rear wheel drive class from round one winner Barrie Parker, then they both had a points free afternoon in amazingly dry conditions. Meanwhile in the new car class Trevor Moffatt debuted a Vauxhall Corsa Sport to win the class, despite clipping a seven post during the afternoon which fortunately didn't cost him his maiden win. John Wadsworth was his closest challenger with an ailing car suffering suspension issues, just ahead of local driver Chris Judge. Dennis Usmar inherited the front wheel drive class win, with North's trial winning afternoon display having pushed him hard all morning.

1 Rupert North, Rover Mini, 83.7%
2 Nigel Weeks, Hillman Imp, 88.9%
3 Trevor Moffatt, Vauxhall Corsa, 92.1%
4 Andy Laing, Citroen Saxo, 100%
5 Dennis Usmar, Citroen AX, 105.3%
6 Gavin Lane, Rover 114, 110.0%
7 John Wadsworth, Ford KA, 110.5%
8 Chris Judge, Citroen Saxo, 113.2%
9 Ray Lane, Austin Mini, 117.2%
10 Bruce Aitkin, Citroen Saxo, 117.2%

Event Map: