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2010 BTRDA® Newcomer's AutoSOLO Challenge

Added: 30th November 2009

We are pleased to confirm that the MSA have given their approval for the Newcomer's AutoSOLO Challenge to continue in 2010.  The aim of the Challenge is to encourage new and inexperienced competitors to compete, in their road cars, to enjoy the thrill of Motor Sport at a competitive cost and there have been some minor changes in the Challenge rules to reflect this. Please note that due to representations from Organisers and Competitors, following the publication of draft regulations on the website, we have decided to amend the exclusion for having achieved an FTD from " an entry of 25, to an entry of 35" as being a more representative level of experience and skill

You can register for the 2010 Challenge when you apply for your 2010 BTRDA Membership.